What is the Sundress & Big Hat Brunch™?

Join us for the 9th annual Sundress & Big Hat Brunch™ for a celebration of friendships, fashion, fun, and fundraising. What started years ago as a conversation over lunch with a few girlfriends has turned into a multi-city, must-attend event for mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts & bffs’. We wanted a way to stay connected to those we love and make new and lasting connections with those we’ve yet to meet.

We always strive to be good citizens by giving more than we take. We do this by contributing to causes we support. Your attendance helps us met that goal. We firmly believe as Mother Theresa – “One person can’t do everything, but every person can do one thing”. This is what we do!

Each year we focus on a different charity to lend our support to. In 2017, that charity was Anno’s Africa. The 2018 charity hasn’t been decided but stay tuned to learn more.

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