8 Cities, 8 Brunches, Countless Connections

In 2019 8 cities welcomed the Annual Sundress and Big Hat Brunch™.  Designed specifically for and by women, creating meaningful connections and igniting the vast power of women in the community. Raleigh is the  flagship location for the very first brunch in 2009.  


The Sundress & Big Hat Brunch™ organization uses the ultimate brunch experience to give women a place to gather, have fun and brunch with purpose. From its inception until now, a portion of all proceeds goes to charity. And countless women have created lasting and meaningful friendships building powerful networks and deliberately tapping into the undeniable force created when women build community.


Ten years ago, The Sundress & Big Hat Brunch™ started with a few friends in Raleigh. 11 years later it attracts thousands of women from around the country. The goal is simple: To connect women and promote meaningful and lasting connections. “We are doing something that hasn’t been done before and it’s exciting,” comments the organization’s Founder, Lana Hunter. She continues, “To host a brunch annually for 11 years with this large group of women with no celebrity endorsements or big name brand supporters is major. But our goal of connecting women, fostering friendships and collaborations is why we started and why we continue.”


We invite mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and BFFs to join us for brunch in a city near you!


Sundress and Big Hat Brunch™ is an organization founded in 2009 by women and for women. Its mission is too:

To create and cultivate events that encourage real, lasting and meaningful connections. We do this by providing an environment where women can gather and learn from each other, share life lessons and experiences, and shine with each other.

We are a community driven organization that has mobilized and connected women, organizations, small business owners and women of all backgrounds based on a need for meaningful connections in cities across the country.

Media Contact: Lana Hunter, The Sundress & Big Hat Brunch. For more information or to schedule an interview please connect with us at info@sundressandbighatbrunch.com